My new choice of Japanese sake. Subtle sweetness and soft acidity from rice

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  • I asked a Takara Shuzo employee about MIO.

Mao Asada

2010 Vancouver Olympics figure skating silver medalist (women’s single competition). Ranked 6th in 2014 Sochi Olympics. Winner of the 2008, 2010, and 2014 World Figure Skating Championships.

Sparkling Sensation - boost your spirits with its bursting aroma

MIO Sparkling Sake is a sensational drink made from rice and rice koji. This smooth, easy drinking, low alcohol sake goes perfectly with various types of cuisines. Its fruity flavour, subtle sweetness, soft acidity and refreshing burst of bubbles make MIO a great accompaniment to your quality time with friends and loved ones.

Secrets behind MIO unveiled

  • 1

    Fruity aroma and taste

    MIO has a unique fruity aroma, a subtle sweetness and soft acidity.

  • 2

    Made solely from rice

    MIO is a sparkling sake made from rice.

  • 3

    Easy drinking

    5% alcohol by volume.
    Easy drinking sake for beginners.

Our best tip
for enjoying MIO

For maximum enjoyment,
please serve your cold MIO in a chilled glass.

0℃:Clean and crisp flavour, 5℃:Subtle sweetness of rice

Recommended serving temperatures: 0-5°C


Product Lineup


Flavor reminiscent of Muscat grapes


Flavor reminiscent of apples


Frozen type for a delicious new experience